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Kissi & Co. offers custom Web, Mobile, and Security development services with a managed services leg. Our products and services enable our customers to rapidly grow their business. Aside that we specialize in growing careers, deepening talents and our business. Get to know us!

Any ambitious organization working hard to change the world needs the right people to do that. We at Kissi & Co. are no different and we believe people with the following traits will be successful along with us.


Inpiring human connection

Any group with a common goal may deliver on that goal but a group with inspiring members who believe in building authentic relationships are more capable of delivering on goals at the highest levels. We as a company, stride to build a human connect with our clients and we do the same internally. Part of this effort rest on the quality of our employees therefore we look for people that exhibit this trait.


Empathy over ego

We love smart and talented people but abilities without empathy can cause problems for a team. Building a tight-knit team requires participation from all our people. We know our successes are interdependent so we never hesitate to help each other grow and succeed. In that, any prospect that spends some time with us easily recognizes that we are a group that truly understands and care about each other. So as we scale our teams, we do our best to maintaining this kind of work environment.

Ownership with

Operate with integrity and ownership

People’s good work comes naturally when it is not derived by a manager or any outside source. Thus, we tend to look for people who have an internal drive to succeed. We have found out that such people usually have a sense of ownership of their duties and have full integrity with themself. We are a bottom up company therefore every member’s efforts is a key component of our success. Our employees have autonomy since they deliver with a sense of ownership and integrity in their work. We care to continue to cultivate this kind of environment when we look for new people.



Our engineering team builds and test the numerous sophisticated products that seems so simple to users.

Human Resources

This team works hard to maintain our company culture and makes sure we continue to be one of the best companies to work for.


Our accounting team keeps us stable and informed while we grow as a company. It’s the only team that rules with an iron fist.


Without sales we don’t have a company. Our sales team prides themselves as being the lifeblood of our company.


Our IT teams manage and maintain our customers infrastructure and supports the products we build for them.

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