Company Overview

We build and deliver technical solutions for global clients with a clear vision for their growth through our products and the services.


Kissi & Co. designs and creates custom web apps, mobile apps, database systems, and network security safeguards for its clients.

We have a passion for creating beautiful and functional work. Kissi & Co. has worked with businesses from around the world, and our breadth of experience has shaped the way we approach each project that comes our way.

At Kissi & Co., we believe that every organization has a message, and that message needs to be imaginatively, effectively, and consummately expressed. Our goal is to help facilitate the superb communication of that special message for each of our customers.


Our belief is that any investment in technology should be directly tied to a company's growth and security. Our mission is to disrupt a global market with state of the art solutions yielding growth and peace of mind for clients.


Our belief is that there are no enterprise mobile applications of valuable business functionalities can be stand alone solutions. They are usually best coupled with a web application as a secondary that extends the mobile application.

Similarly we believe that no web application with prime business functionalities can truly address all the added advantages of a mobile application. Therefore we see that business software functionalities are best duplicated or extended on both web and mobile platforms.

Here at Kissi & Co., we stride to become a global leader focused on building business functionality on both web and mobile platforms with the highest level of coupling. We hope our leadership in the industry shows in how we integrate the highest securities measures, provide the best system management and support.


Our people make us who we are.

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